Saturday Morning

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Hello friends.

We turned in rather early for us last night and here I am...awake early on Saturday morning. What does the day hold in store for me? More pricing scrapbook items for Sunday's garage sale in Buffalo at Scrapbook City. What will I be selling? A few books, tons of paper (mostly the DCWV Value Packs), lots o' stickers, some pre-made pages, a handful of albums, Nostalgiques. A few of the items I have priced very low....but most of the stuff is about 40% - 60% off retail. Why not? Maybe they won't sell at that price but it's worth a try. I'm not willing to just give the stuff away.

Hopefully I will get to have lunch with my sister Dana as well while I am in Buffalo tomorrow. Dana is 30, newly married, works in politics, and always on the go. Sisters....nothing like someone who's known you your whole life: someone who can hate you and love you at the same time, someone who you've always got a connection to no matter how far apart you are. I can't imagine not having a sister...and that's why I think I'd like to have at least two children.

Well... I better get back to pricing scrapbook, I mean quality goods. Enjoy your weekend!

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