To "lift" or not to "lift"

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I just posted this at 2peas in a response to a conversation on "scraplifting"...which many of us know is copying the design of another scrapbooker's layout whether it be viewed online or in a publication. This is what my view on the subject is as posted verbatim:

First I have to say that I stopped reading responses posted after 9:20 am so I am not ignoring what some of you have written. I just couldn't stop myself from responding...

So...I have to chime in here as someone who does scraplift and is trying to get away from doing so. First...I have taken a ton of art classes and I have always been encouraged to "copy" the masters if I want to learn to be like one. Of course, the rule of plagarism that I was taught is that if you use your own colors, say, in your painting that you lifted the design from a magazine are within your creative rights. I'm sure there are more rules than what I've simplified it to...but I think you get my point. Also...I have heard it say that all great artists "steal." (I don't remember who said it but I have heard it often.) Feel free to agree to disagree.

I only started scrapbooking a year ago...and only started trying to get published since February. I see scraplifting as a way to "self-educate" myself on this diverse craft. If you think of the average scrapper who buys SB magazines and books...realize that they are doing it to get ideas, to be inspired; and that you are offering your designs for them to do so. Some of my favorite pages are ones that are a direct lift from the DW 2005 Calendar challenge here at 2peas...which I am not currently participating in.

I like the person who posted the other day in a different thread on a different topic that a layout is not meant to be finished on the first try. Just like a piece of writing, it is meant to be get critiqued, and to get completed in phases. I have to remember that point she made as I continue to learn from all of you generous enough to post letting us be inspired by your online galleries.

That said...I do try to credit Peas that I lift from...or if I lift from a magazine and am not sure if they are a Pea, I still try to credit them with their full name and what issue or what book their original layout was in. Being on a DT, I like to post some of my scraplifts at that gallery as well although at the same time I feel ashamed that I have scraplifted. My DH thinks that I should not be ashamed if I try to find a way to make it "mine." While I am being honest...I realize I am on that DT more for the fact that I am the top poster there helping to keep the forum alive more so than being on the DT for my talent. I want to again emphasize that I thank each and everyone of you who does get published for helping me on my road from beginner scrapbooker to hopefully master scrapbooker extradinaire one day.

Final thoughts: in the words of Ben Folds..."there's always someone cooler than you."

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Marjorie said...

I beg to differ with the reason you are on the DT...LOL
MFF stated your postings AND your diversity. No 2 layots are alike...
Come on JA give yourself more credit than that...Love you! *smiles*

khuddle said...

I agree JA. You do have a way to keep conversations going, but your style is all you! I know that when my LSS see the cj's they always look for yours. I have seen your style change slightly since we have been in this cj together. You are growing in your craft. You are an inspiration! Do not undersell yourself.