So creative, isn't he?

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This is my latest creation using the September Kit at ScrapbookerOnline's store.

I was pleasantly surprised at my nephew Jeremy's creativity when I left him with markers and paper while I was in my doctor's appointment. This is his creation and the story to go with it. I thought it was quite original. The story would have been longer - that was where it ended at the time my appointment was over. I'm sort-of sad that my summer watching him two days a week is I don't get to see him very much during the school year...he's at his dad's house every weekend. No exceptions.

We are planning some exciting things at SBO very soon. It's such a close community over there that we have developed a "sisterhood." I am so very thankful to Maryfrances for letting me be part of the Design Team, and to let me have input and to be so fully involved! She defines Wicked Awesome.

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Lisa said...

So cute!