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I was doing an exercise from Julia Cameron's book "The Sound of Paper" which asks you to draw a circle, divide it into six wedges, and label the wedges Work, Recreation, Spirituality, Friendship, Adventure, and Physicality. Then put a dot where your level of satisfaction is...the closer to the outer rim, the more satisfied you are.

I am least satisfied with my physical appearance at this time. That's why I started the Fitness Challenge at Scrapbooker Online. We are ending Week 1 and I'm so proud of myself. My husband gets excited to that I am back to working out again...after having a lazy summer.

I wrote out 9 ways to change - couldn't quite think of a tenth one.

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Nikki Workman said...

I've heard great things about this book...I have done the artists way 3 times now...Julie Cameron RAWKS.

khuddle said...

I want to check out this book. Sounds wonderful!