I wish...

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1. I wish to be recognized and validated through the publication of my layouts.
2. I wish to start a family.
3. I wish that this color I've picked for the walls of my scraproom will look okay.
4. I wish to continue growing as a woman, as a friend, as a lover, as a wife.
5. I wish health to my family.
6. I wish my husband's wishes to come true.
7. I wish to make a difference in the lives I touch.
8. I wish to enjoy the childhood of my nieces and nephews with them.
9. I wish that I continue to practice self-control and self-respect.
10.I wish to be a successful hostess next weekend at the baby shower.
11.I wish to be a good listener and a generous friend.
12.I wish to maintain my faith.
13.I wish for the freedom to express my personality in the interior design of our home while respecting my husband's personality and desires at the same time.
14.I wish to stay safe.
15.I wish that I can maintain a budget throughout the holidays.
16.I wish my grandmother a successful surgery.
17.I wish for my father to find employment (that is desirable to him) very soon.
18.I wish that I will get sleepy and get some rest soon.
19.I wish for joy.
20.I wish peace.

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Miranda said...

I wish you all you wished for yourself. You are a lovely girl and a great overseas friend.

khuddle said...

You can do it my friend. You have already achieved so much of what is on your list.

Nikki Workman said...

What a beautiful world you wish for. May they come true. :)