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Another excercise from Julia Cameron's The Sound of Paper. List five imaginary lives and steps you can take toward actualizing it. "Anytime we take an action that resonates with an imaginary life, we feel better, somehow more ourselves."

1. Belly dancer
a. Look up how-to info on internet.
b. Buy a belly dancer costume.
c. Take a lesson.
d. Borrow or rent video about belly dancing.
e. Hire a belly dancer to perform for a party.

2. Yoga instructor
a. Buy a book about yoga.
b. Buy yoga pants.
c. Do my yoga exercise video that I have downstairs.
d. Talk to a yoga instructor and find out how he/she got started.
e. Take a class at the Y.

3. Scrapbook Celebrity
a. Find an online chat that a current SB celeb will be at.
b. Enter a big contest.
c. Write a fan letter.
d. Mail in a layout submission instead of submitting online.
e. Rub elbows with celebs at CKU.

4. Inspirational speaker
a. Look up inspirational quotes.
b. Write a speech.
c. Copywright your own success story
d. Practice enunciation.
e. Look for advice at toastmasters.org

5. Art therapist
a. Take a studio art or photography class (even though I've taken a bunch it's been quitea few years since I've been in Art)
b. Audit a pyschology class.
c. Try a new technique such as Batik.
d. Keep an art journal.
e. Make a sand creation at the beach.

Photo of the day: I love my curves. Me at Curves. This is my "before" shot- taken yesterday. I have a lot of weight I'd like to lose.

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Molly said...

You go girl! I love your list. I can not wait till I can do this!

Samantha Walker said...

I did curves for a while...then we moved. Good for you! Keep it up. I really enjoyed my work out there. I might just have to find another one after I deliver my baby in a few months. I put on 8 pounds last month alone...YIKES!


Tara said...

Cool idea!

Jen said...

Work it girl!!!

melissa said...

congrats on joining curves, I joined a couple months ago and love it.-really great program :) keep up the good work

SageHen said...

Since I've never been inside a "Curves" or any other exercise facility, I must say this looks like a rather appealing place to hang out if you "have to" exercise.

Dar said...

You work it girl!