The Beginning

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My friend Nicole at Scrapbookeronline asked us how we started scrapping. This is my story as I shared it:

Officially I started in June 2004...however I do have an extremely simple scrapbook I made in 2000 I think that I ought to share.

I used to think scrapbooking was silly. I mean deco scissors and paperkins??? c'mon.

My cousin gave me a 5x7 spiral scrapbook for a honeymoon gift. I had just spent the last year planning my wedding full-time and I made all the items I needed myself. Some of them were published this year in the Scrapbook Trends Wedding Ideas book. Anyways...after my wedding I needed something to do. My friends pointed me in the direction of 2peas, and I found this site that helped me start my honeymoon album:

I decided that since all my wedding crafts were a huge hit among my guests...who told me I ought to go into business, that I should go into scrapbooking for profit. So as I taught myself how to scrapbook, I started selling pre-made pages, and mini-foldable albums on ebay. I did quite well...however, I wasn't getting my honeymoon nor my wedding scrapbooks done.

I finished the Christmas season selling on ebay, and then I discovered the Pub at 2peas in January 2005. I decided to switch my focus from making custom scrapbooks to getting published. Soon after, I applied for this design team.

I also thought that one day when I have a handful or a dozen of publications under my belt, I could go back to selling on ebay and be able to get higher bids on my pre-made pages. Anyways, I really am happy that I'm scrapping more for myself now than for others.

I would like to become a scrapping personality like Donna Downey or Cathy Zielske...maybe not quite as popular because I'm too I wouldn't want to travel as much as Donna does. But I'd like to have my own idea books and possibly products like Heidi Swapp.

Other than this class by Shimelle that I'm taking, and the Big Picture class that I want to take, I'm totally self-taught. I took a Bazzill Christmas class last year but did not learn anything I didn't already know from reading technique and idea books.

My life is just very much enriched by this hobby. I love it!

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