Staying warm

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Winter Journaling Challenge Week 2: What’s your favorite way to stay warm? Is it a comfy sweater, or a quilt your grandmother made for you? Or maybe it’s a steaming mug of hot cocoa made from your mother’s recipe. Create a page to honor this – scan in the actual sweater or quilt, or include the actual recipe that helps warm you from the inside out. Also consider creating a page detailing your favorite way to be cozy as a child as compared to now.

My favorite way to stay warm is to snuggle under our red comforter with my husband while watching movies. We have many different quilts or lap blankets scattered throughout our house...our favorites have either been made by my mother or given to us as Christmas gifts by Dave's mother. Usually I keep a stash of hot cocoa mix ready for the winter month's too...either with or without those little white marshmellows. What a treat it is to come in from the sharp winter winds to a steaming hot mug of chocolate delight!

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Maryfrances Fabbri said...

Very sweet JA. Keep warm lady.