A Day In the Life...

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I'm behind in my art journal. I am stuck on the second assignment, an ode to my muse. However, I think I have new inspiration after looking at this site: an art journal online. The third assignment is to document your day. So that is what I'm doing today. Taking pictures of my activity, and consciously choosing how to spend my time.

Today Julia Cameron talks about drama in the artists' life - how there really isn't room for it. "Drama is a sip of creative poison. Scan your life for areas of potential drama, listing 1 to 5. Choose one dramatic situation as a booster rocket to fuel your art."

This reminds me of the time recently when I found myself enmeshed in drama with my friends during "that time of the month." I chose to scrap the event, and then made the mistake of sharing it on a semi-public forum where snarkers made fun and mocked me. Hmmm...that might make for good contrast when I do my art journal muse page.

Ok...off to immerse myself in documenting my day!

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Maryfrances Fabbri said...

I think I need to take a picture in the shower now. I have seen a lot of these lately. OOPS, need to clean it first.