Style Saturday - Ribbons Ribbons Ribbons

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Inspired by the Ribbonrie book, I set out to make my layout for Style Saturday last night - a layout to honor my Grandmother - and obviously got distracted by my ribbon stash. Right now all my ribbon is in this huge basket, and it was NOT this organized when I went to choose ribbon for the layout. And so, I got distracted and decided to unwind all my ribbon and sort by color. I ran out of time, but I need to go back to my stash and figure some way to tame the beast.

I posted some tips for Pattern Photography at SBO.

Today Dave works until 1 pm - I need to catch up with my girlfriends. We still haven't returned some gifts we got...better get that done. Need to fold my laundry I did last night, and work on editing photos I took of DH's boss' baby daughter. He's expecting prints on Monday. Hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!

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Maryfrances Fabbri said...

Very neat and tidy. Love these close ups. They would make cool background for some layouts.