Taming the censor

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Please click on my photo to get a better view! My photo for the day is dinner on New Year's Eve at Dave's boss' home. A wonderful night!

You can view tips on group portraits here at ScrapbookerOnline.

I was going to write about taming the censor...that inner voice that says if you've been published, "yes, but you've only been published once." The censor that revels in drama, always wanting more. Julia Cameron suggests tricking the censor by distracting it..."just a little sketching" or "what I'm doing right now is just a rough draft". The perfectionist censor will keep quiet for now knowing the rough draft ought not be perfect. What a great idea.

And so taming the censor...let me write a rough draft of what journaling might look like to go along with this photo:

It's tricky business mixing pleasure with business, especially when one's boss invites you for a New Year's Eve dinner party. While he genuinely wants to be our pal, I feel intimidated by the power of his position - owner of the company and my husband's immediate boss. And so, I put on my happy face and make nice so that he feels like I genuinely want to be his pal as much as he does. This time for celebration and play is in fact, work. And yet, a part of me does get drawn in however much I try to rebel against it, a part of me actually enjoys spending time with my husband's boss. I don't understand the world he lives in yet the more I act like I accept it, the more I think I do.

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