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What's the biggest thing you've ever done? For my HOF entry - the journaling assignment was to write about a life-changing event - and I chose attending and graduating from Michigan State University. That certainly was a BIG thing.

Most recently, I guess the biggest event in my life was planning my wedding. I was able to have the wedding of my dreams within reason because of an automobile accident settlement that I received. The budget for that was no where near the so-called "average" that is spent on today's weddings, yet to me the budget was BIG.

If I were to do a layout on the biggest thing I've ever done, I'm not sure I'd do another layout about my wedding. Maybe about falling in love though, and taking a chance on my husband. Taking a chance that meeting someone through the internet would work. It was big for me to put aside all of the garbage of my past and know that I deserved to have a special relationship with a man that would treat me right.

That's my goal for make a layout for Stacy Julian's Big Picture class about the biggest thing I've ever done. What's your goal for today?

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Nikki Workman said... goal for today is to stay warm! It's like -40'C here. Brrrr....