Why I live in NY

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You can click on these images to see these pages larger. I made these pages for a circle journal which had the theme of your state. The hidden journaling reads: I've lived in several states, and I chose to make NY my home for life. I was a mid-western teenager whose first thought was of the Big Apple when I learned we were moving to New York. Yet our destination was a good six hours west of NYC. I didn't know much at all about Western/Upstate NY. It was easy to fall in love with the beauty of this region, rolling landscapes and lakes left behind after the glaciers. I spent that first summer of 1989 here admiring the glorious waters of one of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario as I worked at an amusement park resting at its' shores. My parents' home was several hundred feet from the Erie Canal. This wine region proved to be quite an intriguing place to live. In my early twenties, I roamed away - yet always looked for a good reason to return to NY. Health reasons ended being that catalyst that had me back here to get the care I needed, and being here my quality of life improved so much that I knew I'd never leave.

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khuddle said...

Really beautiful lo! I love it and it is so interresting to hear all about NY

Corey W. said...

I don't remember seeing these lo's! Love them!!!