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Guest Design Team Announcement

Scrapbooker Online
will be hiring two new Guest Designers for the months of July - September. If you are interested in applying please send Maryfrances (MFF) a message. I would like to discuss the responsibilities with each person before they apply.

The deadline for entries will be Friday June 16th. I will make my decision by Tuesday June 20th.

You will be asked to submit two pieces of your work that have not been seen by MFF or the SBO gallery. You will also be asked to submit a written essay, no more than a paragraph or two, explaining why you want to be a part of the SBO team and what interesting ideas/challenges/activities you would bring to the site.

The Guest Design Team Appointment will be from July 1st – September 30th.

Guest Designers will be responsible for the following during their appointment.

• Responsible for at least 4 layouts a month, using supplies provided by Scrapbooker Online to be used in conjunction with Wicked Awesome Thursdays.
• Other work to be uploaded throughout the month coinciding with challenges, on line crops, games, or personal work. As assigned and agreed upon by the GDT member.
• Creation and participation in monthly challenges. Schedule to be determined by MF and agreed upon by the GDT member.
• Consistent and relevant presence in the gallery and on our message boards.
• Each Guest Design Team members may offer to write an article/how to or book review to be published on our site and in our newsletter during their term.
• Participation as a judge in our monthly contests.
• Participation appreciated in our on line chats, cyber crops, games or other activities at SBO.
• Participation in monthly DT chats.

• Other site DT position are acceptable along with Manufacturers DT position. Please be aware that if this in any way will hinder your participation in the above responsibilities please make this careful decision beforehand.

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Happay said...

should we e-mail you here or there? I don't see an announcement there ;)

Happay said...

nevermind, found it!

Cheryl said...

I would love to try out for the DT. Please email me back and tell me how to do it.
Thanks, :)

Jakesmom 1 @ bell (no spaces)