Happy Hump Day

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Today was a nice day - I spent a few hours at the beach. Waded through the lake, walked some, and mostly sat under the shade of the tree and read more of Cathy Z's new book. Caught up on some message boards here at home, then ran to Staples to make a photocopy of a picture, and buy some photo paper. I was trying to do the packing tape image transfer, but printed from my home computer and the ink kept smearing in the water. I guess it really needs to be a photocopy because of the toner ink. Got home with my photocopy and it worked.

Finished my art journal page which I'm posting along with the original photo so you can see how the packing tape transfer turned out. (the colors are off in the transfer because I'm running out of cyan ink in my printer). Click on the image to see a larger view.

Back to Cathy Z.'s book - she suggests journaling for two weeks each day's high point and low point. What a great idea. Yesterday's high point was a tie between surprising my nephew Jeremy when I jumped in ala cannonball style near him and getting a good splash, and playing with a puzzle with Reid and teaching him about the people pictured on the puzzle: fireman, doctor, chef, carpenter, policeman, and programmer. I dont' get to see Jeremy very often so it was nice to be playful with him and his friend in the pool. Even when I didn't last very long once they started attacking me with their turbo-blaster squirt guns! LOL Jeremy's voice, at age 13, is starting to change. He's at that age where he "plays" that he hates getting his photo taken, and it truly is more playful than anything - a game.
Reid at age 4 is a sponge - he always has been - a smart kid. He repeats EVERYTHING he hears -from whatever I say to him, to what is on TV as when Grandma was watching a soap opera and he'd repeat a sentence from it even though he had his back to it and engaged in a puzzle! Every little thing for Reid is an accomplishment. He exhibits such delight - jumping up and down with glee, clapping while exlaiming "I did it, I did it" or if you're not watching "Look! Look!"

The low point: being outspoken and it not being well-received. Heh. What did I expect? For them to jump up and down with happiness? LOL At least I live where I can express my own opinion if I please and not have to worry about persecution. It was a long road to find my voice and there it is. I'm ok with how the events played out because in the end, I think even though they are not overjoyed, it was constructive. If nothing else, I learned a lot. To me, it's all good.

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Maryfrances Fabbri said...

JA, love the transfer. Nice job. I also love that fact you are doing the art journal, right up your alley.