My heart

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5 words or phrases that capture my life right now:
1. Joyous
2. Inspired
3. Happily happily happily married
4. Grateful
5. Enthusiastic

What about life has drained you dry and why have you accepted this as a normal way to live?
I honestly can say that I try to eliminate those types of things that can drain me dry. I am very fortunate. If there are things that I am in denial about, I hope that my eyes will be opened and that I have the courage to change.

What do you do for your heart? Daily....weekly....monthly?
I take photos with my new camera. I say that is the biggest pleasure in my life, and with that comes sharing these photos. Being able to have outlets for the expression of self is so very important to me. Staying connected on a daily basis with my online scrapping friends from all-over the word is what I look forward to each day. Taking time to educate myself on a weekly or monthly basis keeps my brain happy.

How would you live differently if you believed your heart was a treasure?
I would surround myself in a community where only scrappers and musicians lived. LOL These are people who just "get" me and my husband. I would also take more vacations to tropical islands. LOL

All prompts are from the Scrap Girls University Class I am taking right now.

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