Wicked Awesome Thursday

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Best moment of yesterday: The sampler ezine at Scrappin' Trends came out. (It is in PDF form). I am on page 9 Layout titled: 3 Boys and a Pillow; and I am on page 17 altered bottles: Love Potion #9 from my CK HOF entry. Even though there is no pay or compensation for this, I am thrilled just to share my creations with the public.

Worst moment of yesterday: Not having any time to connect with DH. When he got home from work, my DT chat was just starting and when it ended 1.5 hours later at 11 pm - he was ready for bed. I really hate that - yet I think Wednesdays are the best night for DT chats because usually he is at rehearsal and doesn't get home until very late. I felt guilty about it but if he had had rehearsal he wouldn't have felt guilty for leaving me home all alone so why should I take that on? LOL

This is my layout for Wicked Awesome Thursday at ScrapbookerOnline. The DT swapped photos so I scrapped Amy Workman's photos. The layout she did of my photo is here: CKC. While you are at it...check out Kristy Huddle's layout here.

The digital scrappers at SBO also have had some fun. We did a digital Round Robin. Based on gadgetka's layout, we each lifted one another. In order there was Angela's Sometimes It Shows, Marjorie's Enough Already, my layout titled Look at Me, and last was Sue K's Higher.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy and inspired to scrap!

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khuddle said...

Awe... I am mentioned in the great Julie Ann's blog! I feel so honored! :) The round robin went very well. Awesome job organizing that!