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SBO July Contest Week 1: July 1 - 7th BE INSPIRED

Each week we will post a new sketch for you to create a project by. These sketches are based on the best designers in the scrapbook industry. In coming weeks you will be challenged with designs by Ali, Cathy Z. and a designer from the AL Freestyle book.

Week 1: Card Sketch

Create a new card based on the following sketch. This sketch is inspired by our own Carolyn Lontin (who has been published numerous times with her trendy card designs) - you can see her original card here: http://www.scrapbookeronline.com/galler ... mp;page=18

All cards must be emailed to MFF by Friday July 7th at midnight EST (no exceptions). The DT and GDT will judge based on creativity (10 points), & craftsmanship (10 points). Everyone will go on the the next round. The points will not be announced and only MFF will know how many points each contestant has.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE SEND WEEK 1's ENTRY TO MFF AT mfabbri@scrapbookeronline.com and she will post it to the appropriate contest gallery when she returns from vacation.

The fine print:

The goal of the contest is for each person to earn as many points as possible to be the WINNER. There will be one first place winner that will receive a prize from SBO. (When MFF returns from vacation she will announce what the prize will be).

In addition, there will be two honorable mentions named who have the most points after the first place winner. The title of being an "honorable mention" is your prize.

While the goal is to earn as many points as possible, your points will not be disclosed to you just like in any contest like Miss USA or whatever, they do not learn as they are competing what the judges' scores are. We do not want people getting too wrapped up in the scoring process, we would rather see you have fun scrapping.

So get creative, and when you are having fun it can't help but show through in your scrapping.

Next week's portion of this contest will be posted on July 8th.
Best of luck to you all!

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