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I have not worked yet on my layouts to post tomorrow for Wicked Awesome Thursday at Scrapbookeronline. Was going to start last night but got sucked into an online digital crop. I did, however, start cleaning my scrap room for when my SBO Sistas come for a girls' weekend on Friday.

Yesterday's Worst Moment: Trying around 10 AM to send a package of layouts for QVC to DCWV via overnight UPS. I get to the UPS Store near my house, and they wouldn't let me charge the cost to DCWV. Grrrr. I know I've done it there before but they stopped carrying the proper shipping labels. She gave me the locations of two other stores, but the one closest to me wouldn't open until 4 PM! She printed out directions from Yahoo to go to the UPS Main office across the other side of town. Twenty minutes later, I could not find it at all. So I backtrack just a bit because I remembered that Office Depot has a sign that they ship via UPS. However, the same deal there: they are not setup to bill to recipient. Yet the clerk at OD was able to tell me where to find the main UPS building. I arrive there and the man has me fill out the form via a computer terminal. When I am almost finished he walks over to check on me and I tell him it's being billed to receipient. OH, well, then you need this paper form instead. OK

Then he disappears. The form is finished and I wait and wait - finally a lady comes to the desk from who-knows-where, and takes my package. She did give me a bunch of blank overnight and ground forms that I can use to bill the recipient with, however, she couldn't tell me for sure who would accept them in the future. I left with a list of UPS drop-off locations and phone numbers to call. Good news is that DCWV will have everything today and no one got hurt!

If you'd like to read the amusing story of fellow DT member Karen Clark and how she bribed a UPS man with tic-tacs - click here:

My best moment of yesterday was participating in the digital crop & chat at 2peas last night with Chris Ford and Rhonna Farrer and I won a $4 GC to 2peas. They have a lot of mini-kits or digital embellishment kits for $4. I want the Scribbles Flair Brush set. The layout posted here is the layout I did last night.

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Sue said...

that can be very frustrating....and it usually happens when you are in a huge hurry! love your blog design :)

Laurie Star said...

Congrats on your new freelance job (that you can't talk about! :)

Hey - just wanted to say that I love your new haircut! Is it new? In your banner? Anyway - it really looks awesome and suits you! :)

khuddle said...

whooo hooo on winning a GC!