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Today I feel very artistic. I've been quite inspired lately when I go to scrap. What a nice feeling to have right? What inspires you all to scrap?

We survived all the rain we received yesterday - over 3" in one day (that's the amount of rain we usually get the whole summer long). We almost broke the all-time record. Thank goodness I had no reason to leave the house, part of the highways were closed down.

Today is Wicked Awesome Thursday, the day we the Design Team uploads layouts to the gallery using this month's featured product: Crate Paper. The challenge for this week was to scrap a summary for the month of June.

The weekend is almost here - would you like a Bad Girl Party Pointer? I have the Bad Girls' Daily calendar and for today the tip is to Get the Party Started with a Chilling and Thrilling Game of Pass the Ice Cube!

What you need:
*a tray or two of fully frozen ice cubes
*bad girls
*guys who can't believe their good luck

What you do:
Ask the guests to form a circle - boy, girl, girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, boy- or something like that (definitely not boy, girl, boy, girl.)
*Crack the ice cube tray and place a cube in your mouth.
*Without usingyour hands or anything else, pass the cube to the player next to you, who must then pass it to the next player, all without using hands.
*Try to get the ice cube around the full circle without it - or any of the players- melting first.
*If a player drops a cube, he or she must leave the game and chew ice furiously in the corner.
*When only three players remain, the rest of the group should turn off the lights and tiptoe quietly out of the room. (The remaining three are, obviously, the winners.)


Happy Scrapping!

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Amy Sorensen said...

I love those layouts! Especially the "Puzzle" one. A great title treatment!

Tracy said...

great LOs! We surrvived the rain too - gosh, it was crazy, wasn't it?!

jill s said...

LOOOOOOOVE the puzzle layout!!!