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A new opportunity has landed on my lap today. Not a life-altering kind of thing, more of an adrenaline-rush kind of thing. Just honored when it happens this way - to be validated and to be sought after as a designer. You'll just have to bookmark my blog and keep checking back because I don't know when I'll be able to share this but I hope it will be before August.

Best moment yesterday: Swimming with DH last night. This is the second time for us in the pool. I even feel like swimming tonight - we'll see though. I doubt DH will want to.

Worst moment of yesterday: I tried those ice cream DIBS - I had about a half-dozen or so - and they made me sick. I thought perhaps just a small dose of ice cream would be okay. But no, lactose intolerant body has a different opinion. Too bad because they are sooo tasty.

This photo was taken Monday evening. The whole sky seemed to be pink.

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Nicole said...

Bummer about the DIBS! Beautiful photo though!

melissa said...

congrats about the new opportunity!

I love swimming at night-mostly becuase it is cooler at night and it just seems more relaxing. your sky photo is gorgeous!

khuddle said...

OH, JA.... the new opportunity sounds super exciting. I sure can not wait until you can share!!!!

Sue K. said...

Can't wait to hear about what's new with you! :)