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I have to admit, Paper Trends is a magazine that I have never purchased before. I am going to seriously consider getting a subscription to this magazine because it is stocked with talent! Some of the talented girls in the August issue include Hanni Baumgardner, Lucrecer Braxton, Maria Burke, Angela Daniels, Cari Fennell, Summer Fullerton, Stefanie Hamilton, Jennifer Harrison, Charity Hassel, Melodee Langworthy, Kimber McGray, Cheryl Mezzetti, Anabelle O'Malley, Nichole Pereira, Kelly Purkey, Cindy Smith, Christi_In_AZ aka Christi Starks, Susan Stringfellow, Lisa Truesell, Susan Weinroth, Amanda Williams, and Sherry Wright. Plus many many more designers but these are a few of the names I recognized!

I've been trying to upload some photos to show the goodie box I received but for some reason it's not uploading. I'll try again later today!

I'm going through a major creative block right now as I attempt the newest Effer Dare. I have the page almost complete and I just am not comfortable with it. I have set it aside for the past few days. According to Julia Cameron, it could be that "the nastier the block, the bigger the probable breakthrough." She writes "If we are bent on the successful accomplishment of our dreams, our censor is bent on keeping us small and dreamless. But we are not small and dreamless. We are large, we are powerful, we are resilient." (The Sound of Paper, p.210)

Blows from which I have recovered from in the past include: losing a group of friends because I could no longer go along with their snarkiness, the death of my grandmother, an overdose of a close friend, depression, car accidents that left me in physical therapy for months. Almost all of those things happened this year, not all, but a few of them. And yet I am far from broken. I am resilient. I have not been giving myself credit or even giving it a second thought, just living each day but it is worth a brief pat on the back. In many ways, you could say that I have never been happier. I still struggle in my own ways yet I can count my blessings.

Have a great Monday!
Happy Scrapping!

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khuddle said...

Oh I want to see the goodie box!! Can't wait until you upload.

Yep.. I would say you are resilient!

oh and I love Paper Trends as well!

Corey W. said...

girl! you always say encouraging things to me...about how to give myself more credit and not be so hard on myself...I hope you do the same! You are such a wonderful person and I'm so honored to have you as a friend! **Hugs**

and I sure hope you get out of your "funk" cause I love to see your creations!

Laurie Star said...

JA - I got your message the other day but haven't been online much.

You are a trend-setter, girl! Thanks for all your fabulous inspiration and your positive attitude! Just keep doing what makes you great! :)