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Worst moment of yesterday: Just being annoyed. I don't want to go into details - no one any of you know. Just tried to sit with the feeling of discomfort and let it pass.

Favorite moment of yesterday:
Walking the beach with DH at sunset, took off my sandals and let my feet get wet as we walked. I decided we ought to collect a stone from the beach for every sunset we see this summer so we looked for unusual stones.

This layout is for the contest at Crafty Keepsakes. I had to choose something (one thing) that symbolizes my uniqueness. Click on image to enlarge.

Today I think I'll be scrapping some more. I have Corey's Summer challenge at to do, and my art journal assignment to do too. And one other layout idea that I had just for fun. And then there's our Wicked Awesome Thursday challenge I need to do!!!! Knowing me I'll leave that one til the last minute. Although my journaling for that one is done, done, done! :)

Happy Saturday all~!

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