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I'm trying something different today. I decided to take Julia Cameron's approach similar to Morning Pages, instead of writing though I will scrap first thing in the day. Right now I am participating in a yahoo group for the Designing with Digital Book by Autumn Leaves. I joined the group when they were on "Lesson 8" so today I went back and completed Lesson 1. Well, kinda completed it. I did the digital portion and printed it out, and now I'm going to finish it with traditional scrapping methods. Also, I am not going to use any materials that have been given to me for Design Team assignments. This means I am diving headfirst into my humongeous stash of goodies and just choose my papers and embellishments based on MY fancy...not what someone else is telling me to use!

This feels really good. I mean REALLLLY GOOD! I don't do this often enough. And I can do this on a Wednesday since I already have my DT assignments finished for Wicked Awesome Thursday. Can you believe it? I'm always waiting until the last minute to do my WAT layouts but not this week.

To leave you with something visual I uploaded the altered photo I recently used on a layout. Feel free to click on the image for a better view! Happy Scrapping.

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