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The one sure-fire place that I enjoy the most has got to be the beach. Our beach is one block from our home at the bottom of a grassy hill, just beyond the tot's playground. I am highly fond of our beach because I feel transported from the cares of the world there, yet it's just steps from my front door. At the beach, I love the scenery. I love looking out over Lake Ontario. I love the softnes of the sand. I love walking and wading in the cool water with bare feet, stepping over the pebbles and watching for seashells. I love people-watching at the beach, especially toddlers discovering for the first time the joys of summer. I love seeing the sailboats skimming over the the water's surface with their billowing sails decorating the horizon, that point where the lake and the blue sky seem to merge into one. I feel content at the beach. I'm sure the warm sun rays and the health benefits of Vitamin D add to the whole experience. I love the joyful memories that bubble to the surface when I am at the beach, summers with my Grandma and family at her beachside cottage in Ohio. I love remembering my Grandmother at her happiest, with a wide smile from ear to ear. I love the memory of feeling cared for by her, of bonding moments - even if it is the simple memory of her serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. I feel the absence of my Grandmother who passed away 10 months ago most when I recollect the pleasure we had with her during our long summer days at the cottage. I yearn to gift such memories to my nieces and nephews, if not to children of my own someday.

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barbaraeastwick said...

Beautiful Layout!! I absolutely love the colors and the distressing!

jpquilter said...

beautiful layout - I love teh lettering and the paper - takes me right to the beach

Tina said...

Wow, that is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Love the vintage, faded look. Sounds like a very cool class!