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Talking about trees and the things that decorate them........

Although I do like to get the Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving, this year we are waiting for the painter to finish
painting the living room before we put up the tree. Since I am
allergic to pine trees, we decorate a beautiful tree I found at
jo Ann Fabrics one year. It’s a tree with fold-out branches that we can leave the lights on. I have to have a lot of lights,
(about 1200) and they have to be white lights. My ideal tree would have ornaments in shades of white and gold, yet I can’t help but put up my favorite nostalgic ornaments too. These ornaments pictured here represent just a few. The ugliest ornament award goes to the one that I made probably in pre-school. I think i’ts a pom-pom santa? The santa below that one was made about five years ago as an adult. I love
making felt ornments with sequins on them. The snowflake orn ament is my most recent ornament purchase, bought last week in an etsy
store. my next ornament that I make or purchase, I want to copy
the idea from my friend nikki workman who put shells in a clear
globe with some sand, and the ornament is a reminder of Jesus’
walks on the shores of galilee.

*Life Journal: Mandy Steward scrapgirls
*Dark green paper, ornaments, scroll tag, green stitching, photo corners: Erica Hite A Joyful Season scrapgirls
*epoxy Stars, brown paper: Rhonna Farrer Free December kit 2005 2peas
*Christmas tree doodle: Fee Jardine Lil Christmas doodles digichick
*white stitches: Tia Bennett Hip to be Joined 2peas
*Storyboard: Erica Hernandez
*Pink scallops, aqua dotted paper: Miss Bonbon
*Trim the tree word art: Faith True Christmas word art polkadotpotatoe.com
*Light green paper: M Koegelenberg Holly Jolly kit digichick
*Font: Jailbird Jenna

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Chiara said...

beautiful entry

Amy Mowbray said...

Wow! This is absolutely beautiful. I love it!

Vee said...

beautiful layouts!!

Anonymous said...

love the trim title, that snowflake is beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

I like the page with the tree!

Sooz said...

L O V E the PAPERS you used...am jotting a list for my next SPREE....thanks for the recipe!

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Noelia said...

Your Christmas journal is so beautiful! I can't wait to see more of it. TFS

stephanie said...

So pretty!

erika said...

bEautiful!!! xe

nat said...

oh I so love this and your pompom Santa is cute! Gorgeous pages!

Anonymous said...

(Sorry if this appears twice, I think Blogger ate my post!)
Your pages are amazing, I just love your work. And, I'm glad I'm not the only person who still has ornaments from their own pre-school days hanging on their tree!

Anonymous said...

i love your composition on this one! Another beautiful entry!

grablog said...
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