13 Days Left and Huge SBR News!!!

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I have huge news which I will share after I share my Christmas journal entry.
Today's entry was to align yourself with the Charles Dickens' A Christmas Story (Scrooge), and write about Christmas past, present and future.

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My Journaling:
I am grateful:
That my parents, my sister and her husband will be here for chrismtas Eve
That our home should be finished and newly painted
That everyone in the family is healthy and happy
For our annual ride about townto see the lights
Gift hunting is going well and almost done
That 2006 was a good year

Christmas Past: Have I been a good person in Christmas' past? Or would a ghost visit me to tell me that I've been a scrooge? I would like to think that even though I'm not perfect that the Ghost of Christmas Past wouldn't be too hard on me. Sure, I've had times when I've been selfish about Christmas because my birthday falls on December 27th. Especially when I was a teenager. Now I feel a little guilty that I always have family near to celebrate my birthday unlike my sister who rarely has the family together on hers.

The ghost might start off our trip down Memory Lane by showing me myself in First Grade, at my first Christmas Pageant where I was the letter H for "Holly." I don't remember anything about that pageant except having to say "H is for Holly" really loud. I love this photo of
myself, so innocent and wide-eyed. I thought my parents were super-heroes at that age. We always had extended family around us and life was merry and bright.

If the ghost were to stop at our home after we moved to Michigan when I was about 16 years old, he would find a lonely girl who missed the large family gatherings at Christmas. Christmas was still magical to me then, yet I felt immensely disconnected. I was too close to my mother, and not much close at all to my father.

If the ghost were to go to the future, perhaps when I am 80 years old - what would he find? Two lovers still married. Perhaps grandchildren in the picture or at least great-nephews and great-nieces. My extended family has stopped the Christmas traditions almost altogether
because they have their own big families now. I hope that I still send out Christmas cards, and still buy a needy child or children presents. I hope I still put up a big tree and still love to drive around to see holiday lights. I hope that by the time I'm 80, I would have experienced NYC at
Christmas several times - perhaps taken my grandchildren on trips to NYC at Christmas to go toy-shopping at FAO Schwartz.

This year, it would just be nice to have a Christmas miracle of a new life. Hope, what a joy it is.

So my big news!!!!

I have been asked to write a column for a brand new magazine that debuts in January. Scrapbooking Dimension magazine is the FIRST magazine that focuses on using your computer when scrapbooking. (be sure to sign up for your free copy)

Here is the press release about the magazine:

New Magazine Uniquely Blends Two Popular Methods
Into the Ultimate Scrapbooking Experience

HIGHLAND, UT November 21, 2006 – Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine announces the January release of its Premiere Issue which is aimed at combining the long-standing traditions of paper scrapbooking with the ease and appeal of its ever-growing digital counterpart. Many people are very interested in reaping the benefits of both sides of the scrapbooking market and have learned how to get the best of both worlds! A "hybrid" or "tradigi" scrapbooker finds unique and practical ways to make the best use of all tools and products, and the results can be absolutely amazing! Scrapbook Dimensions is the first magazine to provide focused inspiration and education covering this "hybrid" approach to scrapbooking.

Co-editors Cindy Wyckoff and Deanna Shain (digital and traditional scrapbookers, respectively) have combined their vast experience with their love of this hobby to launch a truly unique and innovative magazine. This magazine will provide project ideas, informative articles, layout gallery inspiration, how-to tips and techniques, and product reviews for bridging the gap between these two seemingly different but very complementary approaches to scrapbooking. "We touch on all areas of interest to both traditional and digital scrappers showing how fun and easy it is to save time on layouts by using the computer but still keeping a hands-on approach to add to the creative process, “Wyckoff said.

For more information about Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine visit their website at www.scrapbookdimensions.com. While at the site you can you can request a free copy of the upcoming Premiere Issue
So yeah, today was basically wasted. I was too excited to do much else!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new gig! I've heard a little about this mag and I'm really excited about it since I do both digital and paper scrapping myself. You do fabulous work and I'm sure you'll be a wonderful asset to the mag!

Another beautiful layout too!

kathy m said...

Beautiful layout. Very classy.

Anonymous said...

more bautiful pages - checking your blog is really an inspiration to try something new
great news on your column and the new magazine - what a happy day for you

Anonymous said...

Your page is sooo adorable! Love all of the details!

nat said...

I'm so happy for you, girlie - you do deserve this big times. Congratulations!!!! Also love your christmas journal pages!

Kathy said...

Congrats !!! beautiful page too!

Chiara said...

beautiful LO and wonderful news congrats

Anonymous said...

Love the "gratitude" part!!!