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I can't believe there are only 12 days to Christmas! Today's entry is about traditions surrounding the passing out of gifts. I happen to have a layout in Up2Scrap (NZ magazine) this month about the difference in traditions between my family and my husband's family. My journaling here is about the same.

Journaling: I'm still getting used to my husband's family tradition of everyone opening all the gifts at once. To be honest, I just don't enjoy it that much. Even though my mother's family was a big one, the opening of gifts was "an event." How am I able to watch one's reaction if I'm busy unwrapping my own gift? These photos represent various Christmas' of the past. 1978: my cousins and I model the terry cloth towel bathrobes my Aunt Chris handmade for us all. 2002: Our first Christmas in our home. 2006: the new tree we bought for my parents in their new home (they needed a smaller tree than they already have.)

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Credits: all digital
*Mandy Steward: Life Journals scrapgirls;
*Journaling block: Pajamas4Love charity kit- Hope Elements
*Colored doodles: Poppy Andrews Dreams of Christmas elemental scraps
*Circle stamps: Rhonna Farrer Round and Round 2peas
*Blue paper, big present, photo corners: Erica Hite A Joyful Christmas scrapgirls
*Pink background paper: Pajamas4Love charity kit - Hope paper bg2
*Slide clips, plaid stamp, word art & journaling strips: Pajamas4Love charity kit- Courage elements
*Heart doodle: Fee Jardine Lil Christmas doodles digichick
*Fonts: CK Carolyn, CK Holiday Spirit

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Anonymous said...

love the cluster of presents and the tree... gorgeous :)

Funky Finds said...

i found your blog thru written down. i love your journal pages! merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

I love all that blue shimmery paper on this one and those presents are so cute! Another gorgeous entry!

noell said...

My family was an open-them-all-up-at-once family. And that's what we've been doing with my kids.

But this year since we won't be getting my parents' truckload of presence for the kids until after Christmas morming, maybe we'll do it your way. With a smaller amount of of presents, I think taking turns will be much more pleasant than the typical crash collision with wrapping paper.

Anonymous said...

the colors you've chosen for your album are simply beautiful. i love the "to-from" addition on the 2nd page.

Liz Ness said...

Ooo! Just love the pink and blue -- so cool!

hummie said...

Oh, great page...all that journaling just brings its meaning to life. Thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

I love all your Christmas Journal pages Julie Ann - love the digital stuff it's so cool looking!

Colleen said...

Oh so pretty LO's -- and I'm with you...I like opening one gift at a time.

Anonymous said...

LOVE all the photos & elements! I'm a one-at-a-time gift openin' gal, too!