Publication Tip #9

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Publication Tips for Scrapbookers #9

Stop procrastinating. Submit today! Create today!

The following is excerpted from The Dream Binder, take this quiz on procrastination.

When it's time to do the work of your dreams, you usually
o Read the backs of all your cereal boxes
o Call the one person you know who talks incessantly and can't hang up
o Vacuum up obscure dust kitties
o File toenails
o Look for items dropped behind the couch
o Brush the cat or worse, wash the dog
o Look out the window for anything, but particularly a crisis
o Test your smoke alarm
o Call your mother
o Figure out how to tap messages in Morse Code with your pencil
o Go out for a coffee indefinitely
o Turn on the TV... just for a minute
o Go downstairs for one chocolate chip cookie, and read the entire Victoria's Secret catalog
o Go on-line "for inspiration" and spend the next three hours in a chat room for chronic
o Pay bills (Justification: But this is important! )
o Read the People Magazine that's been under your telephone since 1991
o Obsessively sharpen all 43 unsharpened pencils in your desk
o Go through last year's receipts
o Read your alumni magazine
o Contemplate your wardrobe

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Liz Ness said...

Too funny (and right on the mark)!

eefouwehand said...

THANKS! for this post :-D Was absolutely procrastinating and after reading your entry did a whole lot this afternoon.

Tracy said...

uh-oh...was this written about ME?