Publication Tips for Scrapbookers #10

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Publication Tip #10: Special Technique or Tip

I love using Gmail and/or to send my project in for submission to scrapbook publications. It is free to register at scrapsubmit. You can upload and save your projects to your own private portfolio. I like the form at scrapsubmit which saves your personal information so that you don't need to type it in each time. Fill in the form completely. I believe the most important part of your submission form is the part where you give a special tip about your layout.

I have learned through the last two years of trial and error that when I have a detailed tip included with my layout that describes a special tip or technique, the layout is so much more likely to get published.

I always have a copy of my submission sent to my gmail address when I submit through scrapsubmit. Within gmail, I have a folder labeled "submissions." I automatically label my copy and put it in that folder. I also have a folder labeled "sold to magazine" for when/if the layout gets published. In addition, I have folders for DT Submissions.

When I wish to re-submit a layout to a different publication, I go to my submissions folder within gmail, and open that email. I click on "forward" and enter the new email address to send it to. I erase any signs that this email is being "forwarded" which is very easy to do in gmail. I change any information that was included in the original email that might have been pertinent to one particular magazine.

If I can't find the email, gmail's search feature for all of your archived emails is fabulous.

Good luck!

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