Publication Tips for Scrapbookers #2

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Publication Tip #2
Use this Page Submission Checklist

Written by scrapally
- Are the photos GOOD! (clear pictures, not too grainy, tell the story from a variety of angles, no distracting backgrounds, people aren't far away - I imagine what it would look like at half the size, could I still see the people and action clearly).
- Is my focal point photo especially GOOD! Is it exposed correctly, does it make sense as the focal point, does it set the stage for the layout (these are just my personal questions - you may scrap differently and therefore have different questions)
- Is the layout balanced and follow good design principles - are there visual triangles, if it is a 2page spread do the pages flow together, is the focal point photo *really* the focal point based on how the layout is balanced.
- How are the colors - do they not only compliment the photos, but do the set the mood appropriately? ie. do I have a fun and bouncy circle layout with muted browns or did I keep the colors bright?
- Did I match the layout design to the style of the magazine? Did I try to send a super collagey, everything but the sink layout to a BH sketch? or a graphic design one to Legacy? or vice versa?
- Is my layout comparable to the last 3 months worth of published work in that magazine, or have I done something different? I try to look for something new in my work to keep the work fresh and new looking
- What will MY layout offer over someone else's? What makes MY layout stand out? Is it a technique, a design, a tool, a color combo, great photos, special journaling? What? If the answer is nothing - it goes in the "not submitting" pile.
- Is the journaling clear, easy to read, important to the layout - or just there?
- Is the title right? Does it have a good place on the layout visually? Does it have enough prominence? Does it set the stage for the rest of the layout?

Publication Tips for Scrapbookers

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