Happy Saturday

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So I'm home, finally feeling better from a bad chest cold that was complete with a faucet for a nose, and getting ready to work on my overdue assignment for Scrapbook Dimensions. Why is my assignment overdue? Well - it was a short deadline to begin with and then I went on vacation. I still hoped I would make the deadline but then our flight on Sunday was cancelled due to Chicago snowstorms. We were lucky to get a flight out around midnight on Monday. However, that meant we flew into Buffalo and had over an hour to drive home. By the time I stepped foot inside my home in the late afternoon on Tuesday, my chest cold had hit hard.

I am very blessed that Cindy Wyckoff, my editor, is very patient and understanding. So after this post, I am wrapping up my article and sending it off to her! I did squeeze in a few layouts for fun since I've been home, in between blowing my nose and layering on the Vicks Vaporrub. Credits can be viewed here

We took the trip to California for a niece on my husband's side of the family - her wedding reception. She was married before Christmas in Belize and then held a reception in the groom's hometown of Santa Cruz. My husband, his brother, brother's wife and daughter, and I then spent the whole week with my husband's sister near L.A.

Highlights of our trip included time in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Hollywood, Island of Catalina, and Disneyland! Not to mention that where SIL lives in Palos Verdes is so beautiful. It was a well-needed vacation and a thankful break from all the snow here in Western NY.

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melanie said...

Love the new kits you're working with and your layouts RAWK!!! TFS