Do You Have What It Takes? Publication Tip #24

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Publication Tips for Scrapbookers #24: Do You Have What It Takes to Write for Magazines?

These tips come from Robbi Hess at (adapted for scrapbooking by me)

Do you know what it takes to write for magazines (and work with editors)?

1. An understanding of the field and its markets
2. An understanding of various style manuals (APA, Chicago, MLA)
3. Perseverance
4. Organizational Skills
5. Belief in your work and skills
6. Willingness to improve and take constructive criticism
7. Observant nature
8. Passion for writing (and skills for writing, grammar, punctuation, etc.) and for scrapbooking

Jump start your creative energies:
1. Write three paragraphs in repsonse to: Why do you want to write?
2. Assess your personality. Will your personality traits help (or hinder) you?
3. Five years from now where do you want to be as a scrapbooker? As a writer?

If you like Robbi's tips, check out her magazine called ByLine Magazine: The Best Little Writers Magazine In America.

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