Top Ten {Free} PS Actions to Use in Hybrid Scrapbooking

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1. B & Big picture from (if link does not work go here and then click on B & Big Picture in left sidebar)
Photoshop 6 or higher

2. Infrared, Toned, and Softly Photo Actions from Gavin Phillips

3. Cutout action from Atomic Cupcake {page 1 bottom row}
PS and PSE

4. Distressed Chipboard Action from Atomic Cupcake (page 5 bottom row)
PS and PSE

5. Stamp Action from
PS 7.0 or higher

6. Double to Single Page Layout Action for Digital Scrapbooking
Use this action in Photoshop to quickly transform double-paged layouts into two single-paged layers in order to print, while preserving your original double-paged layouts. This is a time saver if you create your layouts in double-paged spreads.
For PSCS2, may not work with other versions

7. P2B Perfect Skies
Prompted by more than my fair share of photos with blown out skies plus a posting on the forums showing a clever quick fix technique for correcting skies using Filter>Render>Clouds, he decided to explore the possibilities for generating realistic looking replacement skies.


8. Vectorize Action
Easy and fast way to turn your images to vector looking graphics. ***p.s. Please note that this action only makes your images LOOKING like a vector. If you want a real vector, than ILLUSTRATOR babe! :) I made this action for people who are not very handy with Illustrator, but like vector graphics. ***Enjoy*** p.p.s. Please email me if you have some problem with the action!
Photoshop 6 or higher

9. xFrame
Blurs and enlarges a duplicate of the image. Adds a drop shadow and white stroke to help the image raise above the background.
Any version of Photoshop

10. Stamp Texture
Photoshop 7.x

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Totally looking forward to trying out these actions! THanks :)

Colleen E said...

Thanks so much for all you do Julie Ann!!!