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For the MFFOTM challenge (My Favorite Friend of the Moment)- I chose Johanna Peterson. A lot of people came to mind right away, but Johanna stuck out because we recently have been given the chance to develop our friendship on a new level when she was accepted on the Design Team at Creating Inspirations. We first met a year ago...and you might know her from Scrapbook Lifestyle TV or from the Queen & Co. DT. She is one of the most genuine, sweet, real persons I have met in the industry.

Johanna's Blog
See Johanna on Scrapbook Lifestyle TV: her episode is called "bubble Gum string and..."
and the photo tips is an episode called "a really lucky girl"
you will see like 9 thumbnails for the videos, and you have to use an arrow key to go to earlier episodes

Check out how Johanna rocks chicken coop wire!

Also look for Johanna & Leah Fung's Etsy shop that will open on October 1st!
Rock on Johanna!

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johanna peterson said...

Julie ann- this is so sweet and such a huge compliment- I am just at a loss for words :) thanks so much!! this made my day!!

ps- I think you rock too!