Wedding Photos

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This past weekend my cousin Kurt was married in Annapolis. A beautiful beach wedding where the bride arrived by boat. Here are some of my favorite pictures...

An Uncle, cousin and Aunt

The Wedding Party: Bride in the middle in Red, Groom in Striped blue & white

My husband and father

Bride & Groom - night before wedding

Cousin & spouse, Aunt, Cousin, Bride & Groom

Wedding Day
Guests were given free flip flops to walk on the beach for the ceremony

Mother of Groom, my Aunt

Bride arriving


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Sue K. said...

JA, what a beautiful wedding, and your pictures are just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

JA, I love your pics. This would be one of the best looking weddings I have seen! Amazing ideas all brought together beautifully. Just a beautiful day obviously.