New Memory Purse Design for Christmas - House Purse

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Here is my latest design for Memory Purses. I was inspired by a felt purse I saw somewhere online - probably at Etsy....but now I can't find the source. I just love Erica Hite's Christmas Kits at - I used both of her kits: Joyful Season and Victorian Christmas here. The brown background is one of her papers re-colored.
The checkbook cover is the same as the I show what the back of the house looks like.
Gift card holder - so classy! Shop at Memory Purses for memorable gifts!!!

Erica Hite: Joyful Season, Victorian Christmas
Snowflake overlay: Barb Derksen

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Kara Ward said...

I am just loving this...the colors, the style, it is just plain yummy all over. Super project. Kara