Journal Your Christmas Day 10

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Prompt 10 for JYC
Last year I used my gift wrap on the page and since I still have the same gift wrap, I decided to find a photo on flickr that I could use. I stumbled upon this gift wrap table by Jenny Heid. You can see more of her work here:

I love her gift tags!

Journaling: Perhaps someday I will have my act together enough to be as crafty and as pulled-together as Jenny Heid of Everyday Is A Holiday (her gift-wrapping table shown.) Perhaps someday I will have the art of giving down.

Sketch by Shimelle
Papers: Erica Hite Joyful Season Mini Paper Add On, Victorian Christmas at Scrapgirls; Jen Wilson Designs Merry Days of Christmas 12th
Frame: Melissa Renfro Weathered Lifted Frames Scrapgirls
Alpha: EH Victorian Christmas Scrapgirls
Glitter: Gina Cabrera December Idea Notebook
Date stamp: Amber Clegg Scrap Artist


I've been shopping and here are some recent purchases from

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Anonymous said...

Love your page! That gold glitter swirl rocks! I have a friend who is an aquaintance of yours, Les Glenn she came by to help me with Photobucket so I could learn to post to the forum, she pointed to your work and said "I know her!"; good work, keep it up!! I don't have to tell any scrapper that huh?

milkcan said...

Great looking kits! Thanks for sharing!

ejmom said...

beautiful pages! love them.

Kara Ward said...

Julie Ann,
You are "rockin' at the mic"! I am loving you creative. Kara Ward