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This page has a grammatical error. LOL. I submitted this page with the grammar corrected to the CKC-Buffalo CK contest. It didn't place but I still like it. (Credits: Playful kit at DesignerDigitals, Designing with Digital CD elements, Book Bag Essentials at DDE, Atomic Cupcake chipboard action.)

Yesterday I realized I need to give a huge thank-you to my Secret Sister at 2peas - whoever you are. She bought me the book "Designing with Digital" and with that book and the kits on the CD - I created the page that got me into CK as I announced yesterday. So thank you so much!!!!

Along those lines, I need to thank Marjorie for inspiring me to learn a little digital, Rhonna Farrer for making the DWD book happen, and Veronica Ponce for designing the kit that I used on this layout that will be in CK November.

Yesterday's High Point: Getting my layout picked up for the Creating Keepsakes November sketch. I tried a digital layout for the sketch - I figured that it doesn't take all that long to make a digital layout so why not try? I had tried but one other sketch since the call for the first BH Sketch book. Yes, I was super excited to get into CK and even more so since it followed on the heels of getting into ST.

Yesterday's Low Point: Finding out a dear friend's relationship with her significant other is ending. I hope all the best for her during this time of transition, and hoping that she finds new strength that she didn't know she had. My first thought is always that I'm sure this is part of the divine order of things...even though it's one of the most difficult things to go through. It brings me back to my last relationship before I met my husband...how the relationship was pretty much dead after six months but we held on for another 1.5 years. It became more of a friendship, out of loneliness than anything else. Sending her good thoughts and hugs. She deserves so much more!

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Maryfrances Fabbri said...

Hey JA, I am so happy about CK. That is super news. Congrats.

Marjorie said...

Congrats my friend...many aspire to CK, few succeed. I'm proud of you. (and after such a short time doing digital). PS you inspired me to purchase the DDE kit...*smiles* Haven't used it yet though.