Happy Independence Day!

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Monday's High Point: Finishing 8 floral container gardens for our home.
Monday's Low Point: Getting the bill for the cost of the flowers.

This page is my most recent art journal page. I journaled about dreams I have for the coming year, dreams I had of what I wanted to do when I was growing up, and which of those things I continue to do today. I also journaled my most outlandish dream - one that is too outlandish to voice - which would be to find sucess that I want and have it not feel one tiny bit like real work.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday. I took the opportunity to invite the family for a BBQ dinner tonight because my SIL usually hosts it at her house, but with her heart attack this year, I decided it would be better at my house. So I am off to finish cleaning the house. I spent the afternoon yesterday grocery shopping, and planting flowers in about 8 containers for the steps and the deck. Now if the rain would stop and dry up. :)

Happy Independence to all!

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