Weekend Highlights

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Friday: Best Moment - Hanging out with Patti and Marti -scrapping and swimming in pool with Patti. As I said to Patti, we are a great "three-some". Always lots of fun with them, and it was quite interesting as we scrapped outdoors so we could watch Marti's boys in the pool. I ended up saving Marti's projects from blowing away in the wind several times.

Worst Moment - On my way home from Oswedgo, realizing I left my wedding rings on the table by the pool (took them off before I got in) - and having to turn around and go get them. At least the rings were not lost but even Patti was panicked for a while because she didn't know what to do. I don't have a cell phone but at least I noticed my rings were still at her house and I was only 10 minutes away.

Saturday: Best Moment - Waiting up for DH who got home at 1:30 a.m. and snuggling. It made for a very long day yet it's nice to have special one-to-one time. Quality time.

Worst Moment - Left my car lights on for about an hour and my car battery died - luckily DH was with me with his car and could jump it for me. I need a new battery. Not sure how old this car battery is but it is on it's way out.

Sunday: Best Moment: Discovering a new pier to walk on close to home that Dave took for granted yet I never knew about. We went out to breakfast at the Parkside Diner then stopped at the marina. I never knew there was a lighthouse there that you could walk out to. I'm going to have to take the girls there when they come to visit later in the month.

Worst Moment: It is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary and my sister still hasn't gotten back to me on what present we are buying for them. This is very aggravating and disappointing because I want to do something special for my parents. And I'm not in the mood to call my sister and bug her about it today. I called mom and Dad was at work. At least she knows I'm thinking of them.

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Marjorie said...

Fun photos JA...how scary about your rings...I would have panicked...